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  • Earn 15% commission on every order
  • Extra cash by sharing your custom affiliate link
  • $100 Bonus after you reach your first $5000 in sales


  • Earn 15% commission 
  • Custom affiliate portal to track your commission.
  • Custom affiliate link
  • Custom Discount Code to provide to your viewers

How to make it happen?

  • Post your affiliate link to your social media pages
  • Share your affiliate link with friends + family
  • Create YouTube videos
  • Create Instagram Reels + Posts


Become an Affiliate

  • Earn 15% commission on each referral order. 
  • Custom affiliate portal to track your commission.
  • Create YouTube videos and posts on social media to continuously earn 15% commission on anyone that uses your affiliate link!
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 Affiliate Program Agreement: By applying or signing up for the The Weed Box Affiliate Program you agree to all TWB Terms and Conditions


How to set up PayPal to receive your monthly payout:

After your account is set up, add your payment method. 

1. Log into your Affiliate Dashboard 

2. Click "Account"

3. For Payment Method select "PayPal"

4. In Details enter your PayPal email address associated with your PayPal Account. 

  • Failure to follow specific PayPal set up instructions stated above will result in a delay of affiliate payout. Payouts will not be attempted until PayPal settings are completed exactly as stated above. 
  • Payouts issued between 1st-5th of each month.
  • $10.00 minimum commission balance required for monthly payout.