The Weed Box®️ Pre-Roll Cones

What is a Pre-Roll Cone? 

  • Pre-Roll Cones are a simplified version of rolling papers. 
  • Each Cone is already rolled with an attached tip.
  • Just pack your herb, twist the top, and it’s ready for use! 


  • 100% Organic Hemp 
  • Vegan
  • GMO Free
  • Tobacco Free
  • No Additives 
  • Slow Burning
  • Each Pre-Roll cone is 1 1/4 inch in length 
  • Built in filter tip 
  • 6 per pack

The Benefits: 

  • No mess
  • Easy to pack/roll
  • Create the perfect joint in under 60Pre rolled cones

We Support Disabled Deaf Women 

  • Every pack of cones are hand made by disabled deaf women.
  • Every box that includes The Weed Box®️ Pre-Roll Organic Hemp Cones supports disabled woman empowerment. 
  • Feel good about the Pre-Roll cones you smoke!