FREE SHIPPING Terms + Conditions

Free Shipping for all orders over $59 when you use code: FREESHIPPING

Q: Can I use a discount code and free shipping together? 
A: Free shipping code cannot be used at the same time as discount/sale coupon codes. 

Q: I selected priority mail when checking out with free shipping. 
A: When using the free shipping code to receive free shipping over $59, the customers shipping carrier selection and speed may be changed. Although the customer is able to select a shipping carrier and speed, this does not grantee that the customer will receive that same shipping carrier/speed on that order. 

Q: I ordered over $59 and did not receive free shipping?
A: If an order was placed with a discount/sale code, the customer will not be able to also receive free shipping or add an additional code to that order  

Q: Can I get a refund if my shipping is delayed or slow? 
A: No refunds on shipping and/or product costs will be granted at anytime when using code FREESHIPPING. 

Code FREESHIPPING must be entered at checkout to an order over $59 to be eligible for free shipping.