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Unbox the Spooky Vibes with The Weed Box's October Box!

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As October rolls in, the air becomes crisp, leaves turn vibrant shades of orange, and the excitement of Halloween begins to fill the atmosphere. If you're a cannabis enthusiast looking to enhance your October experience, The Weed Box has you covered with their limited-edition October Box. Packed with a variety of delightful goodies, this $39.99 box offers an incredible $150 value, allowing you to elevate your smoking sessions while embracing the spooky season. Let's dive into the exciting contents of The Weed Box's October offering!

1. Ghost Bong:
The centerpiece of The Weed Box's October Box is the Ghost Bong. A mesmerizing piece that embodies the spirit of Halloween. Standing at 8" tall and constructed with a sturdy 5mm thickness, this glass bong is designed to deliver smooth and satisfying hits. The bong's sandblasted ghost white finish adds an eerie allure, while its shape pays homage to the classic Halloween ghost we all know and love. Equipped with a 14mm glass flower bowl, the Ghost Bong ensures optimal airflow and efficient burning of your chosen herbs, allowing you to indulge in a spooky smoking experience like no other. Whether you're hosting a haunted gathering or simply enjoying a solo session, the Ghost Bong is sure to be the highlight of your October adventures.

Halloween bongs

2. Silicone Pumpkin Bong:
In addition to the Ghost Bong, the October Box includes a Silicone Pumpkin Bong. This durable and heat-resistant piece adds a playful twist to your smoking routine. Its unique design is not only eye-catching but also practical, making it an ideal option for on-the-go adventures.

3. Lion Rolling Circus® Hemp Wraps | Mango:
To enhance your smoking experience, The Weed Box includes Lion Rolling Circus® Hemp Wraps in a refreshing mango flavor. Made from natural hemp, these wraps provide a smooth and flavorful alternative to traditional rolling papers, adding a tropical twist to your favorite strains.

4. King Palm® Pumpkin Cream 2PK:
The October Box also includes King Palm® Pumpkin Cream 2PK, where each King Palm holds up to 1g of herb. These pre-rolled cones are made from natural palm leaves, offering a slow burn and preserving the taste of your chosen herbs. The pumpkin cream flavor adds a seasonal touch to your smoking sessions.

king palm pumpkin cream

5. Clipper® Lighter (Spooky Edition):
In keeping with the Halloween theme, The Weed Box includes a limited-edition Spooky Clipper® Lighter. Known for their reliability and refillable design, Clipper lighters are a staple among smoking enthusiasts. This special edition lighter adds a fun and eerie element to your October festivities.

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6. HUF® Socks:
The October Box also brings you a stylish accessory in the form of HUF® Socks. Adorned with black fabric and green leaves, these high-quality socks not only keep your feet cozy but also showcase your love for cannabis culture in a subtle yet fashionable way.

7. 14mm Glass Flower Bowl:
To complete your bongs, The Weed Box provides a 14mm Glass Flower Bowl for each of the bongs included in the box. This accessory ensures optimal airflow and efficient burning of your favorite herbs, allowing you to enjoy flavorful hits every time.

8. KushCard® Scratch Ticket Game:
Adding an element of surprise and excitement, The Weed Box includes the KushCard® Scratch Ticket Game. Unveil the hidden rewards and see if you're a lucky winner, as you indulge in the Halloween spirit with this interactive activity.

9. The Weed Box Sticker:
Last but not least, the October Box features The Weed Box Sticker, allowing you to proudly display your love for this cannabis subscription service and enhance your collection of smoking accessories.

The Weed Box's October Box is a must-have for your spooky stoney sesh! 

halloween stoner box


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