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Clipper Lighters


gradient blue, purple, and white psychedelic geometric background featuring four refillable, reflintable, reusable Clipper lighters. Each lighter has a different mandala pattern on it with an alien head at the center.  The Clipper lighters are shown four different colors: green, purple, blue, and yellow.

Clipper®️ Lighters Are the Green Choice!  Saving the Planet and Your Money!

Clipper®️ lighters, made with recycled materials, are both refillable and reflintable.

Refilling your Clipper®️ saves 1 liter of oil every time, as opposed to disposing.  It also costs 90% less than buying a disposable lighter, so refilling your Clipper®️ lighter not only saves the planet, but it also saves you money!  You can use that savings to buy more Weed Boxes!  Just a thought... 🙂

pale blue background featuring six different solid color Clipper lighters.  The lighters are red, blue, green, orange, yellow, and pink.  The lighters are positioned on two uneven-level, wavy-shaped platforms, three on each platform.  The colors are all bright pastels and the shapes featured in the image are asymmetrical.

Clipper®️ Lighters Are Safe & Strong!

Made with a super strong nylon material that won't crack and explode like cheap lighters, Clipper®️ lighters are safer and more heat resistant.

square image with light yellow background with blue, pink, purple and green flowers along the border.  Centered in the photo are four Clipper lighters, each with a different sugar skull design.  Each lighter is also a different color.  From left to right, the lighters are as follows:  Horizontal stripes in pink and mango with a black skull that features light blue and magenta flowers, a white nose, yellow stars for eyes, teeth are barely visible thin, white hatching similar to a luchador's mask; solid black background with white skull featuring grey flowers and hearts, one eye is a red rose and one a grey flower, the nose is black, the teeth are white and smiling wide; a white background with yellow and black flowers featuring a blue skull with orange and yellow flowers, big, straight, white teeth, a blue nose, and two orange and yellow flower eyes; and a solid black background featuring a multi colored skull of pink, blue, green, and yellow geometric shapes, black eyes, and a medium white  half smile.

Clipper®️ Lighters Are a Stoner's Best Friend!

The flint arm is a packing tool and you can use the straight edge of the arm to move your herb around on your rolling tray.

Clipper®️ lighters have a flame that burns at a constant height, increasing when the lighter is turned sideways, resulting in a more even burn.  All thanks to the purest isobutane, which burns cleaner and with less harmful emissions than cheap, disposable lighters that are often filled with low-quality, noxious butane.  Who wants to breathe that in with their smoke?  This yellow infographic features bold white text that says "POKE IT, PACK IT, REFILL IT" Available at  The infographic shows a Clipper lighter with its various uses, including a removable packing tool, which can be removed and replaced in the lighter.  This image shows the packing tool removed.  It also features information about the clean isobutane used to fill the lighter; that Clipper lighters are made from recycled materials that are both safe and strong, and that by using a refillable and reflintable lighter, you are saving both the planet and your money.
We're always on the lookout for fun new designs to include with your Weed Box.  Go on!  They're refillable but you know you want another one to add to your collection!  Buy one here or order a box with one today!
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