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The Weed Box | November $49 Mega Box

The Weed Box | November $49 Mega Box

Welcome to the Monthly Weed Box that everyone is talking about!
The $49 Mega Box for the Month of November brings you all the 420 gear you could possibly imagine to sit back and get stoned for the holidays!
Why run all over the place for a turkey when you can celebrate DANKSGIVING the way your intended to! Completely relaxed! This Weed Subscription Box is not a subscription, yet brings you all of that!
So lets talk about what products come inside The Weed Box this month. 
King Palm Wraps 
This month you receive not one, not two, not three but a 5 pack of KING PALMS!
King Palm natural leaf rolls are individually handmade. The leaves are very slow burning, and allow you to achieve a tight pack for a full flavor smoke. These leaves are from the flowering tree of the Cordia (Borage) Family grown on our collective of farms across Southeast Asia. Not only are King Palm leaf rolls sustainable, they are creating thousands of jobs where they are nurtured, grown, and produced. Natural for this product means these leaves were not grown with toxic fertilizers, and were not artificially flavored.
When leaves are cut from the tree, new leaves appear after a short period of time. There is no harm to the environment. The King Palm leaf, corn husk, and paper are all biodegradable and sustainable. King Palm is dedicated to provide the best customer service, and believes in cultivating a strong community.king palm the weed box
Weed Socks.
The Weed Box weed socks are nothing but legendary. However, if you are fan of The Weed Box and you have ordered more than enough boxes, you may be done with the weed box socks. Not to worry! You can trade them out with a King Palm, High Hemp Wrap, or something else!
weed socks the weed box
High Hemp Wraps
Yes, you get 5 packs of high hemp wraps in this box. Do you know how natural high hemps are? High Hemp Wraps is the world's first 100% Hemp blunt wrap. No Tobacco & No nicotine, Simply Hemp for your legal herbs. Always smoke fresh with high hemp. Each wrap is GMO FREE, ORGANIC, CBD Infused, chemical free, and nicotine free! High Hemp Wraps are one of the most natural wraps ever to be included in The Weed Box!
high hemp wrap cbd infused grapeape bareberry hubba bubba
Rolling Tray
You will be receiving one our our unique trippy designed Rolling Tray that fits perfect in anyone's collection or weed room.
High Hemp Rolling Papers
I mean ca'mon! This is 2019. Time to smoke with CBD infused papers!
Water Pipe 8.5" Thick High Quality Glass
This pipe is for sure the most interesting beaker you'll ever see in the $49 Mega Box. Glass on Glass beaker bong, thick high quality glass, unique trippy design to go with your trippy rolling try. 
Benji $100 Bill Cones
Smoke prerolls in style with the Benji Cones!
 We use organic vegan oils for coloring of our papers. The actual papers are made using the bast of the dried hemp stems. The bast contains the most desirable fibers that allow for the cleanest & slowest burn in rolling papers. This is an entirely natural process to convert the plant into it’s final product, which is all of the Benji rolling paper and cone products. Not in the mood to roll? BENJI got you covered. Now available, BENJI pre-rolled cones in glass tubes.

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