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Linda Biggs, Art Visionary Taking All of Your Dreams & Bringing Them to Life!

Linda Biggs is a Maryland artist who uses her vision, imagination, and watercolors to put magic into everything she creates.

After connecting with our founders, a bond began to grow and Linda created a mystical piece for The Weed Box that we all continue to cherish.  What started as a seed of thought quickly sprouted into reality and the beautiful TWB fairie garden was born, along with our blossoming friendship!
Fairies and mushrooms with lush and abundant flora and fauna (ferns, marijuana leaves, flowers, butterflies), surrounding a weed delivery box

Linda is not just an artist.  She is also a savvy yet conscientious business woman.  Similar to the RAW®️ brand, Linda Biggs has everything for all your smoking needs, available worldwide!  Rolling Papers, Rolling Trays, Apparel, & MORE!
New, The Flower Girls, Series. Tin Rolling Tray and Magnetic Lid Gift Set, featuring the Art, "FairieLand". This beautiful little Fairie is holding her favorite creature, her sweet Kitty. This is one of Linda's most collected art images. She is just so sweet. A must have from the Linda Biggs Art collection.
If that isn't enough for you, Linda is also an active advocate for the Cannabis Community!  As a cannabis patient, Linda recognizes its ability to save lives and believes that it is incredibly important to educate as many people as possible.  Linda is a compassionate healer who is changing the world with her art and her energy every single day!
This magical Fairieland godmother is one busy lady!
Linda Biggs is active on both Facebook and Instagram; we suggest stopping over at her page to follow her!
Meet Linda Biggs, owner of Cannabis QueenRX. We are a female-owned cannabis accessory and ancillary company.
If you haven't met Linda Biggs, it’s time.
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