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King Palms

Why Does The Weed Box Love King Palms?

King Palms Are User Friendly

Every handmade, organic leaf wrap comes pre-rolled for ease and accessibility.  Not a skilled roller?  No problem!  Mobility issues?  King Palms have you covered!  Pair it with a grinder to get the right grind and use the included packing tool to fill it up, and voila!  You're ready to go!

King Palms Are Made with All Natural Ingredients

These Weed Box favorites are free from tobacco, additives, glue, and harsh chemicals, resulting in a slower, cleaner, smooth-burning smoke.  This is why you'll find high-quality King Palms in almost every box you buy from The Weed Box.  And if if they're not included or you need a few more, go ahead and add them onto your order!

King Palms Are Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

With leaves harvested from Cordia tree farms across Southeast Asia, one of the few places on Earth where they can truly flourish, King Palm works with the growers to guarantee that no trees are cut down during the harvesting process.   Furthermore, these unique plants from the borage family are allowed to replenish the used leaves in abundance thanks to their high sustainability standards.  You can feel good about kicking back, relaxing, and lighting up a King Palm.

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Buy one, buy a pack, or add them onto your next box!  If you haven't lit up a King Palm yet, you don't know what you're missing! 

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