Organic hemp wick

How using hemp wick is better for you!

Let’s first go over the benefits of a fresh hemp wick bong rip.

  • No butane
  • No chemicals
  • Natural
  • Organically sourced product

Hemp wick provides a very natural and smooth smoke sesh. Instead of tasting butane with your bong rip, you actually get to taste the herb!

organic hemp wick

Besides from the natural herb flavor, you’ll also enjoy a cooler, smoother hit. Hemp wick burns at a lower temperature than butane lighters.

How do you use hemp wick?

  1. Simply lighting one end of the wick.
  2. Place the lit end into your herb bowl.
  3. Take a rip!

Using hemp wick as a tool during a smoking session can offer several benefits. Here are some potential advantages of using hemp wick:

1. Healthier Alternative: Hemp wick is considered a healthier alternative to butane lighters or matches. Butane lighters produce a flame that can release potentially harmful gases, while matches contain sulfur and other chemicals that may taint the flavor of the smoke. Hemp wick, on the other hand, burns cleanly without introducing any unwanted substances into the smoking experience.

2. Enhanced Flavor: Many people claim that using a hemp wick enhances the flavor of the smoke. Since hemp wick burns at a lower temperature compared to butane lighters, it reduces the likelihood of charring or scorching the smoking material. This can preserve the natural taste and aroma of the herb, providing a purer and more enjoyable smoking experience.

3. Controlled Flame: Hemp wick allows for more control over the flame's size and intensity. The user can adjust the size of the flame by varying the amount of hemp wick used. This control can be particularly useful when lighting delicate smoking materials, such as a pipe, where a high-intensity flame may cause the material to overheat or break.

4. Reduced Odor and Residue: Butane lighters can leave behind a noticeable odor and sometimes produce soot or residue. In contrast, hemp wick burns cleanly and leaves behind minimal residue, resulting in a potentially less pungent smell during and after the smoking session.

5. Sustainability: Hemp wick is typically made from natural hemp fibers dipped in beeswax or other vegetable waxes. As hemp is a fast-growing and sustainable crop, using hemp wick aligns with environmentally friendly practices. Additionally, by choosing hemp wick, you can reduce your reliance on disposable lighters, which contribute to plastic waste.

6. Longer Burning Time: Hemp wick tends to burn at a slower rate compared to a lighter or match. This can be advantageous when smoking in a group or during longer smoking sessions, as you won't need to relight the hemp wick as frequently, saving time and ensuring a consistent experience.

While the use of hemp wick offers potential benefits, it's important to exercise caution and follow proper safety guidelines when handling any open flame.


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