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High Hemp Wrap HubbaBubba | The Weed Box

High Hemp Wrap HubbaBubba is our featured wrap this month. Included in the Mega Box and Premium Box, and often making an appearance in our Mystery Boxes, The Weed Box makes it easy to snag one of these babies! 
Do you know how natural high hemps are? High Hemp Wraps is the world's first 100% Hemp blunt wrap. No Tobacco & No nicotine, Simply Hemp for your legal herbs. Always smoke fresh with high hemp. Each wrap is GMO FREE, ORGANIC, CBD Infused, chemical free, and nicotine free! High Hemp Wraps are one of the most natural wraps ever to be included in The Weed Box!
High hemp wrap hubba bubba
High Hemp Wraps inside The Weed Box
high hemp wrap flavors
high hemp wrap flavors
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